桑原 淳司Atsushi Kuwahara





"As an architect"

The goal is to create spaces and a buildings that will be seen as beautiful by anyone who experiences them. A beautiful environment that leaves a deep impression without the need for words or explanations; a universal beauty like the magnificent architecture of cathedrals that evoke deep emotion in visitors from around the world that defies description. I am always thinking about how I want to create spaces with this kind of power.

When I was in elementary, I was greatly inspired by a program on Japanese television I watched called "Atsushi Watanabe's building exploration,” as well as an art class where we constructed our "ideal room" from scrap wood. After that, I began to develop a vague impression in high school that I wanted to pursue architecture as a career, and in the end attended university to study for the Japanese “first-class architect” licensure which allows for not only architectural design and supervision, but also construction and administration without restriction. It was there I met a seminar lecturer name Mr. Koichi Kashiwagi who would become my mentor in many things. From the flowers under my feet, the falling raindrops, the movement of trees blown by the wind, and clouds in the sky reflected on the water surface, he taught me how to find beauty in “ordinary” scenery, and how important a sensitivity to this beauty is for design; even now I reflect on these lessons in my daily work and incorporate them into my creations.

If it pleases you, please take a closer look at our works, and if you are left with the impression of “beauty” we hope to work together with you to make your own beautiful building.


1982年 兵庫県生まれ
2008年 兵庫県立大学大学院 修了 柏木浩一研究室
2008〜 納谷建築設計事務所、マニエラ建築設計事務所など
2016年 NOMA/桑原淳司建築設計事務所 設立

2007年 くまもとアートポリス モクバンR2 第1回公開審査最優秀作品
2008年 Design Review 2008 ファイナリスト
2017年 全国リフォームアイデアコンテスト 準グランプリ
2022年 モダンリビング大賞 ベスト6賞